The Big Birthday        Give!

Being told 'you're special' matters.

Orphans and other vulnerable children don't get birthday parties, presents or even a card. 


Many don’t even know when their birthdays are.

Help us celebrate all the vulnerable people we work with so they feel loved with our Big Birthday Give!

Choose a birthday card (50p)


Choose an amount to put in it (starting at £3).

We'll keep the card and deliver it!


Your chosen card will reach a vulnerable mum, one of her children or an orphan. Their birthday money will fund a small gift and be shared among the projects that support them all year round. 


Activities for kids below!

Activities Ideal for schools and kids groups!...

Make your own

Crafted card.jpg

Get crafty and make your own card! 

(no larger than A5 please)

Then sign with a short message to let someone know they are special and send to:

Love Russia, Manor Farm, Church Lane, Thrumpton, NG11 0AU.

Colouring in

Kids birthday image.jpg

Download this printable image and colour it in!

Send it back to us with a small donation and we'll make it into a card to give on your behalf.

To thank you, we'll send you one of our limited edition magnets!

Birthday 2.jpg

Timothy just celebrated his ‘first’ birthday. He is not 1. He is 7.

He and his mum lived in fear of his dad. For him to have a safe and normal life they needed to escape.
Timothy and his mum are now out of danger cared for in a refuge that Love Russia supports.

Birthday 1.jpg

Sergei just celebrated his ‘first’ birthday. We think he is about 21.

Sergei grew up in an orphanage so he never had a family and his birth date is unknown. 
A special day was chosen for him to celebrate his life by Love Russia mentors who now support him.