Sasha & Sergei's journey from orphanage to adulthood

The Early Years... Removed from their parents due to drunk and violent behaviour; Sasha & Sergei spent 11 years in an orphanage. Their care was stable but the building was damp, cold and dilapidated. Toilets were holes in the floor, showers were buckets of water thrown over them and the food, so poor they were often hungry. Life appeared unbearable when Love Russia visited back in 2000. We bought beds, bedding, cookers, new toilets, showers and food to help things improve. We first met these boys through summer camp. Sergei remembers "the visitors from Britain with hearts on their T-shirts” (our logo!). They didn’t have much to laugh about day to day so have fond memories of the stories, gam

Do You Consider Yourself Blessed?

Blessings can depend on the family you were born into, your country of birth, childhood education, gender and health - all are circumstances we have no control over. Likewise, the people Love Russia seeks to help did not have control over where and how their lives began; childhoods spent in institutions resulting in a lack of education and poverty. Lucia and Katya are both orphans with learning difficulties and had it not been for their mentors teaching and encouraging them as orphanage leavers, they'd have been totally alone. Mentors include them in their own lives and establish a community that accepts them and their struggles, providing the love of a family that they were denied in thei

Self Sacrificing Lives of Mission

All of our mentors have chosen a life of mission; selfless commitment to serve others where the Lord has led them and given them a hearts for the vulnerable. All of them carry out this work with a smile. They are cheerful, reliable, hard-working and positive. One of them is a Pastor as well as a mentor to multiple orphans. He is an incredible role model and the young people love him, respect him and look to him for guidance in so many areas of their lives where they are lost and need healing. We're so in awe of these individuals who have hearts that keep on giving… it's easy to forget the immense pressures on them that take their toll. Financial Pressures: They've taken on voluntary roles th

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