Never Giving Up!

Valya lived with her grandma before the orphanage until she could no long afford to keep her. She did not know her father and only met her m

IMPORTANT UPDATES to PayPal's Giving Tuesday

DECEMBER 3rd is GIVING TUESDAY We're taking part in PayPal’s Giving Tuesday. This time they are offering 10% extra on all donations made after 6am How does it work? Each charity can benefit from up to £15,000 of free money. PayPal has a funding pot of £150,000 to match fund donations made to various charities across the UK on the 3rd December. Charities in the UK will be making the most of this so donations need to be made AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER THE EVENT BEGINS To qualify... You need a UK PayPal account. You must make a donation between 06:00 & 23:59 on Giving Tuesday. Your donation must be within the first £150,000 donated during PayPal's Giving Tuesday event. Donations up to and inclu

Returned like faulty goods

At age 3 Dimitry was adopted from an orphanage and lived his childhood with a family. But at age 15, when behaviour became a challenging, th

A different kind of Family

Their carer *Lena told us about Andrei and Yana's developmental problems due to previous neglect, that they did not know how to feed the

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