Lent Fundraiser 2020

How will you acknowledge Lent this year? We're so excited to be launching our Lent Fundraiser! This fundraiser, starting Feb 26th is perfect for individuals, groups, adults and children; and a brilliant way to build up towards Easter! We hope our calendar will be a valuable tool to help you develop an attitude of gratitude in your life or with your children as you read, reflect and respond throughout the 40 days of Lent. You can download the poster for printing right here. Download Poster (2 x A4) Follow the appeal on our facebook group Check in each day to our website Or, call or email us and we'll send you the number of copies you need! 01159831100 postmaster@loverussia.org The mon

Olga's Tough Start in Life

A support group, run by Love Russia mentor Alina, cares for several orphan mothers including Olga. This is Olga's story told in her own words. “When I was little I had a family, a family I thought was a normal ...but I knew nothing else. Mum and Dad were both alcoholic and argued a lot. I remember one in particular because Dad tried to kill Mum with an axe. Dad was put in prison for theft and I thought everything would change but it didn't. My Mum took him back and they continued to drink more heavily than before. When I was 11, Mum and Dad split up and life became worse. My brothers, sister and I were not cared for and I remember a time we were left to wander in the woods alone. Because

Capable in the Kitchen

When you grow up in a family, you always see meals being prepared. From that, we develop an understanding of where our food has come from. On our last trip to St Petersburg we had the pleasure of joining in with a social gathering that Yan & Nadya had organised for their youth. One aim of this evening was to introduce and integrate their orphans with some of the young people from the church. We arrived early and were delighted to find most of their orphans had also! They were keen to help get started and show off cooking skills that Yan and Nadya had taught them ready to feed their guests. Watching them confidently prepare food, Nadya commented that this was amazing progress... just a short

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