Naive and open to danger

For children brought up in orphanages, having those sensitive conversations that serve to protect them such as; Where do babies come from? What is contraception? What is a 'safe' relationship? Why is pornography unhealthy? What is addiction? and who can I trust.... are ignored or avoided. Having never had a safe space to ask the questions, orphans are left naive and open to danger. Giving orphans the opportunity to discuss awkward questions, where they will not be judged, is something we are passionate about providing. So, in March 2020, we will be hosting a weekend away for our orphan youth assisted by some of our mentors. At this Christian Youth weekend they will be encouraged to thin

Confined to the 9th Floor

**Please note that since writing this article we received the devastating news that Sveta's son Vadim, age 9, passed away in January after developing pneumonia. He had severe cerebral palsy which made him extra vulnerable. We can only imagine the heartbreak she and her two younger children are going through and we ask you to pray for them. Galina, her mentor, is supporting Sveta emotionally, along with all the mums from the orphan mums' support group. Sveta lives in poverty so affording Vadim's funeral is proving difficult. Donate to our 'women and children's fund' to contribute to his funeral costs and help other vulnerable mums in their time of need.** Today, we'd like to tell you about Sv

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