Piotr's Story

Today’s read will give you an insight into how Love Russia works from the perspective of a 16 year old orphan and the Love Russia mentor who helped them. First let’s hear from Piotr… "I was put in an orphanage when my alcoholic dad killed my mum. I was just 7. Last summer, I had to leave and I’ve been homeless since then. I have no ID documents so can't claim the government flat entitled to me. The flat is in a town 200km away so I wouldn't be able to afford to travel there or make it fit to live in anyway. I wash cars for a little money and they pay me cash but it’s not enough. But, what choice do I have? I can’t claim benefits or get a permanent room with no ID. My one luxury is a mob

Support for the vulnerable is needed more than ever

Our mentors care for some of the most mentally traumatised, emotionally challenged and impoverished young people and adults… As the world slows down, economies are impacted and this vital human contact for our vulnerable orphans and adults is under threat their needs will only increase. With global restrictions on travel to halt the spread of coronavirus in place, it’s anyone’s guess when we will next be able to see the people and projects we support in person. Homes in Russia are very different. Most do not have any outside space at all and will be confined to a room or two in tower block accommodation. Here’s a short summary of the people we support… Vulnerable orphan mums and their chil

The uncomfortable business of legacy giving!

It's really tough to discuss the uncomfortable business of legacy giving, but here goes! Even for believers, who are assured that their 'treasure is in heaven', discussing the allocation of our possessions can still be a sensitive subject. Writing or updating your will is a BIG personal decision, and we understand that loved ones come first. It's true to say that as a charity our work with orphans and destitute young people would not be possible without gifts in wills and generous legacies from people like you. A gift in a will could transform an orphan’s life and give them a hope for a better future. Your gift could help give essentials such as food, shelter, medical aid or life skills

Just 1 in 10 will find work

An agricultural college near Ryazan is currently home to thirty-five orphans (age 15 years +) who’ve been placed here post-orphanage; children who were long ago labelled as ‘non-achievers’. They live in this vast crumbling building with dark, sprawling, neglected corridors and ill-equipped classrooms. As a learning environment, it is depressing. The rest of the village contains no shops, public parks or community centres - only some dilapidated homes and a bus stop. By day, they learn the basics of farming; skills that 90% of them are unlikely to put into practice. By night, a single bed with an old blanket and pillow in a shared dormitory is home. Most have only a couple of possessions; t

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