Timothy is 7 and just celebrated his 1st real birthday

Alongside women who find help at the crisis centre are their children...Meet Timothy. Timothy grew up in a violent home. His mum was abused by his father. This meant he didn't grow up and play like a typical child or experience carefree fun... and there were certainly no celebrations of birthdays. Two years ago, a new baby boy triggered in his mum a greater desire for a safe childhood for both her sons. Finding help to escape domestic violence is tough anywhere, and in Russia it can feel near impossible. Sofia spent one year building the courage to leave and searching for somewhere that would accept both her and her sons. Thankfully, she heard talk of a rare crisis centre. Arriving at th

Meet Natasha

In today's blog we'd like you to meet Natasha, she is preparing to leave the orphanage system, the only environment she is familiar with, and face life on her own... Natasha is a 'social orphan'; meaning her parents are alive, but, their alcoholism and neglect meant she was placed in an orphanage. Removal from destructive parents does not end trauma... it only defers the problem and years later, orphans are left having to face behaviours that have affected generations. When Natasha turned 18 she received her identification papers. As a registered 'orphan', she was helped to claim benefits; unusually, she has not blown most of it. She is a quiet and shy girl who has learning difficultie

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