Crisis Centre Sponsorship: Meet Kiara

We met Kiara at the crisis centre; she's a very small girl with a big character! Kiara's dad died when she was four years old and her mum was an alcoholic. Shortly after, her mum began a relationship with another alcoholic who abused Kiara.... When she was 5, during one of the regular beatings, she ran from the home and a neighbour called the police after hearing her screams. Kiara spent a year in a shelter and at age 6 was moved to foster care. At 16, she was enrolled by the state at a college for vocational training as a baker and housed in a a dormitory for orphanage leavers. "It was during this time I began to drink heavily... I had boyfriends, went to drunken parties and experime

We are so grateful for you 💛

On behalf of all those we work with in Russia, thank you to those who responded so generously to our ‘coronavirus response fund’ email and social media posts! Research had suggested that international charities would see a hit in income very early on as people naturally looked towards supporting those in closer proximity to where they live. At the same time as seeing reports like this, we were also hearing from our Mentors in Russia that the economic impact of the virus was devastating the lives of the vulnerable so we knew that we desperately needed to maintain our income. Thanks to your generosity we have been able to maintain support to ALL our projects in Russia and have also been

Addictions are being addressed in a loving community ❤

Before lockdown, we had the pleasure of spending two days at the crisis centre. A number of the residents are fighting the urge to use drugs and alcohol and have been forced to escape abusive situations. First, let’s discuss why people develop addictions. There are a number of reasons, but the common denominator is that people find it difficult to sit with their ‘feelings’. Feelings that stem from deep hurt, abuse, neglect, loneliness and more. It’s unsurprising, then, that orphanage leavers are susceptible and no coincidence that most of the women at the crisis centre grew up as orphans. Some have escaped violent spouses, have been abandoned or they are elderly, lonely and homeless. Drink

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