Over 60 and homeless.

Not all the women who arrive at the crisis centre are young to middle-aged women with children. Some have been thrust into poverty much later in life and become homeless and neglected. Meet Marta... This is Marta. She is 60 years old and once had 'a normal life'. After her husband died she could no longer support herself. Her adult son still lived with her and refused to help - he was a drug addict. He held wild drug-fuelled parties at their flat and Marta was getting in the way of him having his 'fun'. Eventually he threw Marta out. She endured years of sleeping rough and turned to alcohol for comfort. Marta was found living in a dark, damp basement. It was during this time that she los

Safe at Last. Meet Sofia.

Meet Sofia, she is 42 and lives at the women's crisis centre with her two boys. When we first met her, she was guarded and quiet....her harrowing story is filled with pain and violence from the start. It was hard for her to speak about it as her memories are extremely painful... "When I was five my parents divorced. The courts decided I should live with my father as he had a job and was a hard worker, but, he was rarely at home to care for me and I had no female role models or grandparents. Soon after, he used physical punishment and regularly kicked and used his fists on me. I ran away many times but with nowhere else to go I always returned. Age 15, I ran away for the last time. I was

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