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 Our Lent Fundraiser Starts Wed 17th Feb  


 Give the cost of just one meal and   support the vulnerable in Russia 

When it comes to treating ourselves we still have plenty of options.

During times of lockdown there are a never ending array of takeaways...

and when restrictions are lifted there are our favourite restaurants and cafes! 

We asked around, and this what most spent on their favourite treats... 

Coffee and cake_donate a plate.jpg

Coffee & Cake


Cooked breakfast_donate a plate.jpg

Cooked Breakfasts


takeaway_donate a plate.jpg



Restaurant_donate a plate.jpg

Restaurant Meals


It's worth remembering that the cost of just ONE TREAT could be enough to provide vitamins and masks or even feed a basic diet to a small Russian family in poverty FOR MORE THAN A MONTH.

Vulnerable families and orphanage leavers have needed essential medicines and masks during the pandemic and there are always new women and young children to feed at the crisis centre.

Please consider donating what you last spent on a takeaway or would usually spend on a meal out and help us raise as much as we can!