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 ALL children should have the chance of a   HAPPY CHILDHOOD and a HEALTHY FUTURE. 

Thank You! Combining your on and offline donations, we raised £13,000 - WOW!  It's never too late to donate;)

Some Love Russia projects directly help children...

'At risk' children live at the crisis centre or attend support groups where their vulnerable mothers are seeking help.
Love Russia helps them with essentials like food, clothing, shelter and baby needs. We're also committed to encouraging education by helping with equipment. For the parents... we help with long-term solutions; life skills teaching to make sure children are well cared for and counselling for addiction rehabilitation or the domestic abuse they’ve endured.

This kind of support prevents more children entering orphanages.

Love Russia in partnership with...
Evangelical Aliance
Caring Hands
Heart for Orphans
SAC Orphans
I know English
Stoneworks International

Registered Charity: 1092154

Company Number: 04222680

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