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Walk, run, bike, rollerskate!
Let's get active and raise awareness of ACEs and our projects that help.

Last year was the very first of our MOVE 100KM fundraisers. In 2022 we'd love to get more of you involved.

There's no need to be 'a runner'. You can take part by walking, cycling or even rollerskating!


Through this fundraiser, we hope to raise awareness of the impact that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have on the rest of people's lives and Love Russia's projects that help people work through the destructive consequences such as addiction, abuse, poverty and mental health problems.

ACEs are particularly present in Russia where there are many orphans, and subsequently, adults in crisis.

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We'll encourage each other, share news about the challenge and see who's taking part. 



To complete the challenge you'll need to MOVE 100KM during April. How you choose to do it is up to you; walking, running, biking or anything else that doesn't involve a motor (that would be cheating!). This averages 3KM per day, so even when walking, it will take less than 40 mins.

You'll also need to create a fundraising page to share on social media OR we can send, or you can print, a form to collect sponsorship in person.


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