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12 week Christmas Countdown Gift 3 of 12; Bible Study Bits!

As a Christian charity, it’s important to us to support those we work with as they share God’s love with orphanage leavers and troubled orphan mums. And for us, the children we meet during summer camps.

Love Russia Mentors hold regular study groups in addition to life skills teaching. We often hear of young people approaching their Mentors desiring to know more about God, requesting extra study and wanting join their Mentors at church. It’s such fantastic news each time we hear of another young person whose heart and life is changed by the Good News!

One way we can support Mentors in this is to make sure they have enough funds to facilitate consistent meetings.

A £5 gift of ‘Bible Study Bits’ will contribute towards bibles, a venue, pens and notebooks. Group bible study helps orphanage leavers grow in confidence and character, discovering their identity and place in the world as they come to know the God who has always loved them.

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