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In Russia, pancake day is a whole week long!

Called 'Maslenitsa', it is derived from 'maslo', meaning butter. Traditionally held in preparation for the Great Lenten Fast. Many Orthodox Christians still keep a strict vegan diet during Lent. The celebrations involve festivals, dancing, traditional dress. Having dual Christian and pagan roots it stands for the end of winter and its sorrows and the pancakes are a symbol of the sun or the cycle of birth and death.

Pancakes, or blini, are a popular snack all over Russia and a common sight from shopping centre food courts to family gatherings. Contrary to popular opinion, ‘blini’ are not just the tiny canapé circles but more of a wide, thin, crepe-style pancake. Savoury toppings such as fried mushrooms or sprinkling of dill are quintessentially Russian, and for a sweet tooth there's jams, condensed milk, apple, or plain butter and sugar. Sweet or savoury, it's topped off with a dollop of soured cream - the ever-present Russian garnish! Funny fact: The singular, blin, is used as an 'oops!' word much like fiddlesticks or sugar in English!

Pancake day, February 28th, is nearly here!

Hold your own 'Maslenitsa' in aid of our Transition Home Appeal

LIVES ARE CHANGED because of these homes - orphanage leavers who would otherwise be homeless are give the chance to find their feet in the world, learning and adjusting with the help of a Christian Mentor. Learn more about the appeal >

It's an easy to arrange fundraiser:

Simple to make, cost effective and can be prepared in advance if you plan on feeding many.

Have a contest! - The best decorated? The most flips in 20 seconds?! If you do - please video or photograph and post them including the hashtag #FlipItRealGood - would be fun to watch:)

Advertise your 'Pancake Party' event with our poster or ask us for larger ones if needed.

Raise funds however you wish; perhaps £1 per pancake? or a straightforward voluntary donation?

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