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Chatting with orphan ministry worker Slava

November 15, 2017


LR: What got you into orphan ministry work?
Slava:  My broken heart. When I realised how kids were growing up without mums and dads who love and care for them while I grew up with my mum and my dad.

LR: What challenges have you faced?
Slava:  It's the daily decisions  - who to help, how to help, when to help. I have contact with so many young people who have lists of needs. They call me daily plus there's developing the ministry as a whole and maintenance on Transition Homes. There are a lot of needs and jobs to be done - it is easy to burn out.

LR: Has the ‘Yarovaya Law’, that restricts how and where Christians can share the gospel, affected you in any way?
Slava:  It's in the media a lot so It's a consideration. I'm praying a lot about it and acting as wisely as I can and continue to help and share God's love with people in need here.

LR: What do you need to be more effective?
Slava:  I need God’s wisdom, God’s power, God’s Spirit to see His will clearly - more joy and peace in my heart. On a practical level I need the funds to subsidise the projects we have going but God is gracious and I trust Him for all our needs.

LR: If there was one thing you could change, what would it be?
Slava:  For me it would be more personal discipline to get rid of bad habits and to develop more good habits like more prayer and devotional time. For my work - that there would be more support from people locally, a shift in beliefs that orphans are worth making an effort for.

LR: How has working with Love Russia helped you?
Slava:  It is great to work with Love Russia. We praise God for such a friendship and partnership. It is great encouragement and support for us! 


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