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Teens Without Boundaries

Most of us remember being teens - we knew it all right?!

The truth is, we didn’t. For those of us with loving parents or guardians, it’s not till most of us mature, we realise that boundaries keep us safe or stop us making disastrous decisions!

When orphans leave orphanages, they get that ‘magic ticket’ most of us wanted as teenagers – no-one telling us what to do, no-one interfering and freedom to choose our own path. It is this freedom, or rather lack of teaching and boundaries, that is leading so many Russian orphans into dangerous situations.

Forming good relationships is especially crucial for orphans who are recovering from abandonment, trauma and pasts without parental care. One role of parenting is to teach children boundaries because a life without them is dangerous. Proverbs 25 v 28 says,

'A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls'

- meaning a person without boundaries is open to attack.

Left to ‘do life alone’, only 10% of Russian orphans manage to stay out of prison, free from serious addiction or even stay alive. For most, it is not their choice to do life alone. It is thrust upon them while they are still vulnerable and immature.

It’s this reason that the Life Skills seminars that Love Russia supports are so important.

Adults take the time to explain the ‘grown up stuff’ they’ve never heard before (relationships, health, money, self care). Adult (mentors) give TIME and help orphans with practical things like finding work and form filling. For the first time in their young lives they receive someone's full attention and learn someone cares.

Getting involved

For these mentors involved with troubled young people this commitment can be demanding in time and emotions which is why it is necessary we support them. As a supporter of Love Russia we thank you for taking the time to pray for the young people and their mentors. The time involved with this work often prevents mentors being able to commit to full time work so they sacrifice financial security too. If you would like to support them is this selfless role of serving orphans you can do so by donating here.

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