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A BIG Thank You 🙏

little girl saying thank you

What a start to 2024!

We are astounded every year at the kindness of others in giving virtual Alternative Gifts! It is wonderful that we recognise so many of us have more than we need, and instead, or as well as, it's a blessing to give to those who really need it.

Together our supporters raised £6,706 to go towards funding our regular project commitments this year.

Our Christmas Prescription Appeal in December was aided in no small part thanks to some very generous match funders. Their pledges meant that the first £5000 raised would be doubled!

Donations to this appeal amounted to £8,570 which means in total we now have £13,570 in our medical fund so we can help instantly in emergency healthcare situations.

Here's Katya to remind you of the good you can do by helping people in poverty with health conditions.

Whether you prayed or gave financial support to these festive fundraisers, we really appreciate you!


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