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A Miracle for this Mother & Daughter

Lena fled her abusive and alcoholic husband with her teenage daughter Sonya a few months ago...

Meet Lena and her daughter Sonya.

Both mother and daughter were the subject of abuse. Soon after Lena married, her husband began to drink and molest her daughter who was born without arms. After years of trying to get her husband to leave, and with no family or organisation to advocate for her, he refused, insisting it was his right to stay. For abused Russian women, help is not readily available as violence in a domestic setting is only recognised once serious or fatal injury has occurred. Facing either homelessness or horrendous violence they were trapped, so it was a miracle when Lena finally heard about the crisis centre and found the refuge and support that she and her daughter both needed to escape their situation. Stories like theirs are common among the women who seek help from Alina at the crisis centre. Here they are given the support they need to rebuild their lives and find the resources they need to bring about change in such difficult circumstances.

Love Russia supports the women's crisis centre with general running costs including food. They need around £2,000 every month for food, nappies and medicines for the 24 women and 33 children currently have refuge there. Go to this link to find out more about the centre.

Thank you for reading about Lena and Sonya - please keep them in your prayers. You can support the centre by donating a plate this Lent.


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