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Donate a Plate for Lent!

We hope you are well and that, even during this pandemic, your basic needs are being met. Having enough to eat is a basic need and we are fortunate that for most of us, eating goes much further than 'the basics'. With luxuries such as a lunch out, dinner in a restaurant, coffee and cake or a takeaway, there are plenty of options when it comes to treating ourselves with food!

How much would you normally spend on a luxury like this? We asked around and this is what some people spent.... How about you?

It's worth remembering that the cost of just ONE TREAT is enough to provide vitamins and masks or even feed a basic diet to a small Russian family in poverty FOR MORE THAN A MONTH.

Vulnerable families and orphanage leavers supported by us have approached their mentors asking for extra help in recent months. They've needed essential medicines and masks during the pandemic and there are always new women and young children to feed at the crisis centre. Please consider donating what you last spent or usually spend on a meal out and help us raise as much as we can to give to emergencies like this. We cannot let those we support risk their health or go hungry. This kind of support helps prevent more children entering orphanages.

Many of us have saved a lot of money on not being able to go out during this time of restriction, instead, let's all Donate a Plate - a meal we won't miss - and help those who don't have enough.


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