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Let's Celebrate the Amazing Father Figures out there!

If you’re a son or daughter remembering your dad today, or a parent who is grateful for the support and recognition that you’re doing a great job - 'Happy Father’s Day!'👏 There are a handful of ‘Father Figures’ making our projects possible who also deserve our support and recognition today…

Yan is an amazing role model who lovingly supports a large group of orphanage leavers.

Tolyk is a friend and confidant to orphanage leavers as they work though their problems.

Slava is caring and passionate about teaching young orphans to grow into well-adjusted, independent people.

Roman shepherds people rebuilding their lives after experiencing some of the most challenging traumas.

Genya teaches men young and old, that living a sober life of service is rewarding and full of purpose.

Some of the young orphan men guided by Yan, Tolyk and Slava are also fathers. In the image above Slava is with young orphan dad Sergei and his daughter Veronica. Sergei looks up to Slava like a father and turns to him for help which as an orphan is a very special relationship that was sadly lacking in his own childhood. These dad's are just at the beginning of their parenting journey amidst poverty and absolutely no family support apart from these role-models.

This day brings celebration for some but pain for others - either from loss or never having had a positive father figure at all. One thing is sure, we all know that a good, loving Father is a powerful influence with the ability to shape a person's future for the better.

Donate and celebrate these amazing ones who have voluntarily stepped into that role for the vulnerable in Russia!


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