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Parental Legacies

Billy Graham Legacy Quote

In charity circles ‘Leaving a Legacy’ typically means a donation left by someone in their will. Leaving a legacy can also be described as beliefs, values, and attitudes that are passed down from generation to generation.

Alina, who runs the crisis centre, is passing an incredible legacy onto her children. Just like her parents, eldest daughter Dasha serves children in need through her Open Hearts Youth Group. Alina’s son Nikita also volunteers to support young people.

In contrast, we see children living with heavier more challenging legacies.

Parental Legacies

Sophia is 14. Her mother was an addict, and for many years Sophia had to live in an orphanage. Once mum was drug-free they were reunited when she was 6, This was a great outcome, but some damage was already done and a messy childhood continued. She still lacks belief in her mum’s love for her.

The legacy Sophia has been given is seen in her defiant behaviour, her need for attention from boys and her schooling that’s suffering due to excessive responsibilities at home caring for younger siblings.

OHYG leader Dasha, is committed to being there for Sophia and guiding her towards a different legacy. "Sophia’s behaviour is changing over time. She is communicating better and learning to resolve conflicts."

While it’s not always possible to change the chaos or to take away bad things that have happened, we can love, teach, train and guide young people. We want to give Sophia and others like her a new legacy grounded in stability and fulfilled by the space and support that will be provided at Legacy Lodge.


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