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Today's STORY OF HOPE from the Women's Crisis Centre

Securing our Shelters this Lent is vital for restoring hope...

Sema's story is one of hope and resilience, despite the many challenges and hardships she has faced. As a teenager, Sema became caught up in a destructive lifestyle of drug and alcohol use, eventually turning to heroin. Despite holding down jobs as a cook in top hotels, her addiction eventually caught up with her and she was fired after her physical appearance gave away her problems. She was also pregnant at the time, and her mother was unable to care for her, so Sema was sent to rehab while her baby was placed in an orphanage. It was at the rehab center, run by Christians, that Sema first learned about Jesus and experienced a change in her life. She eventually met and married a Christian man with a similar past, and they found happiness together, despite being unable to regain custody of Sema's first daughter. Tragically, Sema lost a baby boy during childbirth in 2018, and the family also faced the upheaval of moving to a new area and her husband being out of work due to an accident. These events caused Sema to relapse into her old patterns of addiction, but she knew she needed help. “I went to a store, bought a bottle of beer and convinced myself it wasn’t a big deal. I couldn’t stop and I was back in the bondage of addiction again”. With the support of her husband and the Women's Crisis Centre, Sema was able to withdraw from her addiction and begin the journey towards recovery. The Women's Crisis Centre helps around 24 families each year navigate their way out of desperate situations, and many leave totally transformed and with a newfound faith. “Spiritually, I still feel weak, I want to go home but I won't give up. I know the Lord will help so I can return to my husband a well person.”

This Lent, you can make a difference in the lives of women like Sema by donating to the Women's Crisis Centre and helping them secure the land on which they stand.

Your generosity will allow the centre to continue providing vital support and resources to women in need well into the future. Please consider supporting this important cause today.


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