The beginning of hope

Sponsorship for vulnerable young people, orphanage leavers and others recovering from a traumatic past has been a the heart of how Love Russia helps for many years.

Orphanage leavers often lack knowledge about making good life choices.

9 out of 10 will become addicts, get involved in crime or become homeless by age 20.


The aim of the Genesis project is about equipping orphan and destitute young people to approach adult independence through 3 key areas: Self-Worth, Skills for life and Security.

Genesis Sponsorship is regular bursary and practical support for orphanage leavers and other vulnerable young people. Some receive this support to enable them to remain at college. Others, who struggle with all aspects of adult independence, need more one to one supervision in learning to care for themselves and encouragement to find work experience. Along side the support of a Mentor, they all learn life skills preparing them for independent living.


Love Russia is committed to providing a monthly bursary to each of the orphanage leavers on our Genesis Project as well as giving regular support to Mentors whose guidance, love and care helps these vulnerable young people to progress and make good choices.

Monthly sponsorship of £22 (or an amount of your choice) is gifted to orphanage leavers to help them to pay for essentials like food, travel to college and equipment for their course. 

So that no vulnerable young person is left without help, all Genesis Sponsorship funds raised are divided equally among all on the project, significantly increasing their monthly income. 

Genesis Sponsorship enables...

Orphanage leavers to meet the basic cost of living for food and other essentials.

Support & regular contact with a Mentor.

Education in life skills.

The means to complete skills training at college.