Life Skills & Mentoring

Transition Homes for orphanage leavers

With no understanding about how to plan for the future, challenged by complicated forms, a lack of good education and no parents to guide them, many orphanage leavers will find themselves out on the streets.

In addition to a warm bed each night in a safe environment, orphanage leavers in a Transition Home get support from a Mentor and have the chance to develop other positive aspects of their lives....

They learn to care for themselves - some may not even know why they should wash regularly

Learning to cook, keep home, budget.

Developing self discipline - going to bed, getting up.

The opportunity to be part of a regular Bible study group, make friends.

Time to repair alternative accommodation so one day they can move on.

Manageable rent. Around 15% of the cost of a regular flat, getting them used to responsibility.

Learning about respect and being accountable to their fellow house-mates.

Visualising themselves having a future worth making plans for.

Seeking out job opportunities or completing education.

Discovering hobbies that define their personalities, allowing them to grow as people - not just doing what is necessary in order to survive like when homelessness hung over them.

Shelter is only the start. When you have a roof over your head and people around who care about your decisions so much more is possible. What happens after really changes their futures.

Transition Homes, Life Skills, Mentoring and Sponsorship: Bringing Hope after orphanage life

Just £2 could provide multiple bus fares for attending essential life skills classes & college.

£20 could fund social & educational life skills activities for unprepared orphanage leavers.

£50 could help maintain Transition homes for homeless orphan teens.

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