Life Skills & Mentoring

Transition Homes for orphanage leavers

With no understanding about how to plan for the future, challenged by complicated forms, a lack of good education and no parents to guide them, many orphanage leavers will find themselves out on the streets.

We find that providing shelter to an orphanage leaver in a Transition Home opens up the opportunity for them to develop in so many other aspects. With the support of a Love Russia Mentor they are able to...

  • Learn to care for themselves - some may not even know why they should wash regularly

  • Learn to cook, keep home, budget.

  • Develop self discipline - going to bed, getting up.

  • Take part in a regular Bible study group and make friends.

  • Find, save for and refurbish alternative accommodation so one day they can move on.

  • Develop responsibility: Rent in the Transition Homes is significantly lower than traditional housing. This allows orphanage leavers to get used to some responsibility without significant financial strain.

  • Learn about respect and being accountable to their fellow house-mates.

  • Have a taste of what life can be like outside an institution. This can help orphanage leavers see they have a future worth making plans for.

  • Seek out job opportunities or complete education with a little less pressure to just survive.

  • Discover hobbies that define their personalities, allowing them to grow as people. This is almost impossible when you are homeless and/or barely making ends meet.

Shelter is only the start. When you have a roof over your head and people around who care about your decisions so much more is possible.

Transition Homes, Life Skills, Mentoring and Sponsorship: Bringing Hope after orphanage life

£2 could provide multiple bus fares for attending essential life skills classes & college.

£20 could fund social & educational life skills activities for unprepared orphanage leavers.

£50 could help maintain Transition Homes for homeless orphan teens.