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Help for vulnerable women & children

In Russia, if a mum seeks support to rehabilitate from domestic violence, abuse, addiction, homelessness or poverty, she faces serious risk of her children being removed from her care. We believe that keeping families together can be an essential part of rehabilitation.

Love Russia supports groups that help orphan mums and a crisis centre that provides refuge and rehabilitation for vulnerable women and their children.

These groups and the crisis centre have been successful in preventing children being removed from parents and sent to orphanages, empowering women as mothers, helping women move forward from addictions and abuse and restoring whole families. 

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The Crisis Centre


The aim of the crisis centre is to help rehabilitate women, most of whom are mothers, so they may confidently care for themselves and their children.

Many of the women at the crisis centre grew up in orphanages or have pasts of abuse and violence from partners or those who were meant to protect them.

At the centre they are helped to rebuild their lives through counselling, structure and teaching, giving them the tools they need to recover and cope in the future. They work as a large team all caring for each other as they share the gardening, cooking and childcare.

While other rehabilitation centres often remove children from parents and place them into orphanages, the mothers here can keep their children with them. Once a child enters the orphanage system it can be very difficult to legally reinstate parental rights so preventing this is critical.

Support Groups

Becoming a mother soon after leaving an orphanage is not uncommon due to a lack of education and a desperate need to be loved. As mothers their poverty increases and without adequate encouragement and support it can seem logical, having been social orphans themselves, to give up their children and allow an orphanage to raise them.

Love Russia partners with individuals who serve these vulnerable young women through support groups. These groups meet regularly to educate, discuss, resolve problems and provide financial help with a Love Russia bursary - the only help some of them receive. And, once they are part these friendship networks, they begin helping each other too! 

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