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Send a meaningful gift and make someone's day!

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These Alternative 'virtual' gifts can each come with a card for you to send explaining how it will bless others in need.

Before adding a gift to your basket, choose whether you would like a card, and if you do, whether you would like it sent to you, or directly to your recipient.

£3 will be added at checkout if you choose to include a card with gifts that are £4 or less.

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Tying the knot?  Celebrating an anniversary?  

Perhaps you've a milestone birthday to celebrate?

Whatever the occasion, your special day could bless others too!

Instead of well wishers giving gifts you perhaps don't need, you could include our 'Alternative Gifts list' in your invitations suggesting that their gifts benefit some of the poorest people in Russia instead. 


Contact us and we can supply you with a printable list for your invites.  Contact us >


If supporting Love Russia is on YOUR heart, this is an ideal way to get others involved!

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