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Secure our Shelters


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FUNDRAISING GOAL: To buy and permanently secure the land beneath the Womens's and the Men's Crisis Centres!

TARGET: £25,000

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Because 250 families and 100s of men have been impacted for good through these places. Lives that were destroyed by addictions, domestic abuse, homelessness and desperate poverty have been changed because of the Christian compassion received at these shelters. These difficulties will not stop and more people in need will continue to come here for help.

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This 7,500 m² plot contains both crisis centres, the hall where they meet for church and it's the hub for their homeless outreach. There's a playground, a multi-use games area, lots of space for growing vegetables, keeping a small amount of livestock and plenty of parking! 

Having these facilities secured permanently means this ministry is protected and can continue restoring lives for years to come.


Currently, the Women's Crisis Centre is the only building owned, and rent is paid on the land and Men's Crisis Centre building. A local church is going to help them buy the Men's Centre building. BUT, to secure the land, the most important part of the puzzle for long-term security, they need our help. Without this security, the land could be sold to others. Please help us seize this opportunity! 

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By way of a thank you, we'll send you a 'Title Deeds Certificate' (just for fun of course!) whether you've helped to buy 1 or 50 square metres of the plot. 



Hot Drink and Cake Event: If you fancy getting others involved, you could hold a coffee and cake morning or a sale where everything costs £3.30! Enough to help buy 1m² of land for the Crisis Centres with every purchase.

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What plot have you got?: If you're blessed to be a homeowner yourself, why not estimate the square meters of your own plot and donate 5-10p for every square metre you've been blessed with?

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A Walking Challenge: Do you enjoy walking? You could organise a sponsored walk! The total square meterage of the plot is 7,500 m² - in a straight line this is 7.5 Kilometre challenge!

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A Simple Donation: A donation can be made in all the usual ways (over the phone, by post and right here!  £33 would be enough to help buy 10m² of land for the Crisis Centres for example. 

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Lent Fundraising Ideas
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