How Blessed are you?

Journey with us through Lent &

raise between £10 & £15. It's a fun way to remember a serious message: that the people we help manage on very little.

Lent Appeal 2019

'Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above' James 1:17

Below is a calendar for everyday of Lent (6th March 6th - 21st April).


  • Check back daily (save this page to your home-screen for convenience!) OR

  • Work through the whole lot on one go if you prefer!

'Blessings Tax' Calendar

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The idea of this 'Blessings Tax' Appeal is to remind ourselves of the many aspects of our lives; family, education, food and more, that too often take for granted but bless us daily. It’s a fun way to think about a serious message - that orphanage leavers and adults in crisis have so little in comparison to most of us.

Over the next month, take a moment each day to think about that day’s blessing, be thankful for it and pray for those whose lives do not include such things.

If you’d like to take part in collecting the suggested daily gift (an amount specific to you depending on how fortunate you are!), it could amount to a donation of between £10 and £15 - give it a go and see how blessed you are!

Journey with us through the 40 days of Lent & find out how blessed you are! As we're reminded of all the ways we are fortunate we can pledge a little each day (using a physical collection or by writing it down) to bless others in need and when we're done, donate what you've collected right here!

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