The impact this charity has on so many lives, not just providing financial assistance, but with loving consistent support and faithful prayer is mind blowing. I feel blessed to be part of the work.
Lesley - Supporter.


We really value our supporter friendships - knowing there are people out there praying and caring about what we do motivates us to keep on going!

As a friend of Love Russia, we'll send you our magazine every 2 months, direct to your inbox or by post and the occasional update between times.


'Give as you Live' is an AMAZING and FREE way to raise money for Love Russia. Almost anything you purchase - from train tickets and TV's to your weekly shop - will generate a percentage or set amount that comes directly to Love Russia.

Read more and learn how to set up your computer and other devices so you never miss an opportunity to generate these much needed funds!

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From bungee jumping to tea and biscuits - every idea to fundraise is a great one. We can help you with ideas if you're stuck for something to do, and, if you already have an idea we can help you with poster, tickets and your social advertising if needed.

Ask us for our free fundraising booklet by post or email today.

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Without help, vulnerable orphanage leavers often abandon college training. 

Lacking knowledge about good life choices 9 out of 10 orphanage leavers will become addicts, get involved in crime or become homeless by age 20.

Sponsoring our group of young people or the mentors who guide them can make all the difference.

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Each year Love Russia offers the chance for you to join us as a volunteer in Russia.

Joining forces with global movement 'Serve the City' we share the same ethos that 'Many people doing small things can make a big difference'.

Read more about Serve the City here>

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Another FREE and ingenious way to raise money for Love Russia with things you no longer want! Old phone handsets, empty ink cartridges, used stamps, old foreign bank notes and even jewellery.

There's also ebay where you can sell absolutely anything while choosing to donate upto 100% for the sale to Love Russia. 

Love Russia in partnership with...
Evangelical Aliance
Caring Hands
Heart for Orphans
SAC Orphans
I know English
Stoneworks International

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