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Love Russia is privileged to support a rare facility in Moscow that welcomes and nurtures young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Here they are cared for, encouraged to develop skills and are blessed with a nutritious lunch time meal every day. They feel valued as useful members of a community and can reach their full potential.

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With conditions such as autism only recognised as an official diagnosis in recent years in Russia, support programmes for struggling families are few.

This centre plays a valuable role in a society that is still struggling to help young people with learning difficulties and relieves the day to day strain on families.



What Your 


Love Russia supports this project which is now run by one lady. She and her husband (who passed away in 2020) began this centre of support for the disabled in their spare time during the early 90's. Love Russia has worked in partnership with this project since 1998, ensuring that the centre can cover all the food costs needed for each young person who attends. 


The centre offers skills training and also takes on simple manual tasks such as bag and box construction. These individuals would never typically be offered work in Russian society but this gives them an opportunity to earn a small income. Many have been coming here for several years.

Donations for this centre will help towards the on-going food needs and some general running costs. 

Occasionally we also help fund placements at a 'domestic training flat' where these young people can learn helpful life skills.

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Ivan has autism and when he first came to the training centre he did not speak at all. 

He loves going on a daily basis and has developed so much during this time. At first he stood back and didn't interact. Now, he has learned how to operate many of the print machines and takes pride and pleasure in performing tasks given to him with care and accuracy. 
Ivan's mother was very ill for a long time and recently passed away so this centre is a huge help for his father - his only remaining carer. The centre continues to surround him with love and care and they are overjoyed because at last he is trying to use his words.

empowering disabled youth
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