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Love Russia supports the 'Warm House' Women's Crisis Centre. Here women (and their children) can find refuge and support with homelessness and poverty, rehabilitation from addiction and refuge to escape domestic violence.


The aim of this Christian-led crisis centre is to help women recover from trauma, so they may confidently care for themselves and their children.




In Russia, mothers who seek support for domestic violence, or rehabilitation from addiction face serious risk of their children being removed and placed in orphanages.

What makes this centre so special is the inclusion of children - coping with parenting is an essential part of a mother's rehabilitation.

This also saves many from the orphanage system.




Love Russia partners with a strong team of locals whose own life experiences make them the ideal people to help those still struggling in desperate life situations.

This project has grown dramatically during the years we have worked alongside the crisis centre team; in terms of both the building and facilities as well as the volume of women who have been helped to recover.

With Russia seeing some of the worst statistics of domestic abuse and addiction problems, the need for this centre is huge. Women travel vast distances to be here because this kind of help that addresses the family as a whole, is extremely rare.

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Donations for the crisis centre and some individuals featured on our Prayer and a Pound Sponsorship Appeal contribute towards the general running costs as well as food, medicine and educational needs for the children.


Kiara grew up in foster care because her step-father was violent towards her and her mother was an alcoholic. At 16, her carers 'let her go' and she was on her own. Living in college dormitories with other abandoned teens, it wasn't long before drugs and alcohol were regular pastimes.

Kiara was pregnant by the age of 17. She had no family to turn to and was unable to stay in a dorm once the baby was born so he ended up in an orphanage. She relied on friends to put her up; friends that were all still partying hard. Kiara's habits had turned into addictions. Soon, pregnant again and homeless, she was desperate for change. When her baby was just a month old, she was told about the crisis centre.

Kiara and her baby are now safe in a stable, loving environment as she works through counseling and rehabilitation.

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