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Individuals in poverty need help to meet the cost of emergency medical bills.


Many women and children arrive at the Women's Crisis Centre (WCC) with no money and with health problems that need urgent attention. Most have traveled from other regions which means they are not entitled to help from local medical facilities. The cost of treatment falls on the WCC's very limited resources and they need our help.
Most recently, 12-year-old Katya was discovered to have significant congenital health problems including a spine fused in the wrong place and organs such as her heart that don't sit where they should. Without treatment for these problems she will become severely disabled as she grows. 

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Below are some of the adults and children Love Russia has had the privilege of helping with this fund in recent years. 

Please consider giving so we are prepared for the future needs of families who cannot afford medical care.

Thank you.

27.02.23 WCC Family_8 Lukyan.jpeg

2-year-old Leosha was found to have a tumor on his kidney and needed an operation to remove it. 

Dima was born prematurely to mum Orina who had escaped a domestically violent marriage and run to the Women's Crisis Centre for refuge. She left her abuser with nothing and faced hospital fees of £1,350 per month for Dima's care in the intensive care unit for the first few months of his life.

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Konstantin was born to Lidiya in 2020. Within one year of his birth, it was discovered he had been born with a serious heart condition. His condition has also affected his development. We have helped where we can during the last two years with the cost of appointments and treatment.

Vera, arrived at the WCC with eyesight problems exacerbated by 'lazy eye' syndrome. Her mother had no way to pay for Vera to be looked at so we were happy to help with appointment costs and a new pair of glasses.

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Bogdan was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a serious cancer of the eye. Compared to typical cases, Bogdan's tumor was large and he needed specialist treatment in Switzerland. This was the only option to save his eyesight and possibly his life. We ran a specific appeal for this in 2019.

Varia, mum of two, came to the crisis centre for help with drug addiction several years ago. Today she helps at the centre counseling other women in the same position she once was. She was extremely ill with liver cirrhosis.

Vika. Varia.jpg


An orphanage leaver Love Russia has known since visiting him on Summer Camps.  In recent years Ruslan was diagnosed with Diabetes. Unstable employment and the constant cost of medication and regular tests were too much for him to bear alone.


Vanya's mother is an orphan and could not afford the surgery he needed on his kidneys. The op was free but post-surgery treatment and medication was not. What she needed was more than she could raise alone.



Mother of four-year-old Yeva is an orphan and when Yeva was diagnosed with stage three kidney cancer she could not meet the cost of her after-care alone. The surgery was free but the medicine Yeva would need and regular travel to Moscow was not. We were able to bless this family. 

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