Emergency Funds

Love Russia often finds cases of individuals who are unable to meet the cost of emergency medical bills 

Listed by the most recent, these are the people we've helped with a financial blessing in a medical emergency...  


Vika is a mum to two young children and came to the crisis centre for help with drug addiction seven years ago. She now gives back by working and counselling newer women at the centre.

She is extremely ill with liver cirrhosis and needs £600 to pay for the medical treatment she needs.


The six year old son of Love Russia Mentor Alina who runs the crisis centre, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in 2019. This is a serious cancer of the eye. Compared to typical cases, Bogdan's tumour is large and doctors are concerned it may spread.

Bogdan needs specialist treatment not available in Russia so instead has to receive treatment in Switzerland. This is the only option to save his eyesight and possibly his life.

A doctor has offer his support to reduce the cost of accommodation near the hospital for Bogdan's parents Alina and Roman. Despite this generosity, the cost of treatment has been quoted as £50,000.

£9,000 has already been raised by people in Bogdan's local community. Those who have already given have tiny incomes, but they have recognised that money is just that...money, and that the life of a young child is worth every penny (or rouble!) they can scrape together.

So far this appeal has raised half of the total cost they need to pay for Bogdan's treatment.



Orphan mum Lyuba attends one of our support groups. Her son Vanya needed surgery in July on his kidneys. The op was free but post surgery treatment & medication was not.

Lyuba works on a market which covers their basic living costs only.

Love Russia was able to help Lyuba with £400 from our emergency fund towards Vanya's medical costs. This amount of money is so big she could never have raised it alone. 

Teacher Yuri.jpg


Yuri has been voluntarily teaching and helping young people with disabilities and learning difficulties more than the 20 or so years we have known him! 

His health has suffered of late due to cancer and the cost of treatment is ongoing for him. To relieve some of the ongoing stress this causes we were able to bless Yuri with £175 from our emergency fund towards the cost of medication.

We were so pleased to relieve some of the financial pressure on Yuri in his final months. Sadly he passed away in February 2020. We continue to support his wife Ira and the students they supported together.

Diabetes Self Management Program


An orphanage leaver Love Russia has known since visiting him on Summer Camps.  In recent years Ruslan was diagnosed with Diabetes. 

His employment situation is rarely stable and the constant cost of medication is a worry for him. We were able to bless Ruslan with £700 from our emergency fund for the tests and treatment he needed. The funds were distributed by his mentor as and when he needed them.



4 year old Yeva, the daughter of orphan mother Lilya, was diagnosed with stage 3 Kidney Cancer. After chemotherapy she needed surgery. The good news was that Yeva had a grant for the surgery itself, but in addition to the devastating news her daughter was extremely sick, Lilya needed to be pay for all the medicine Yeva would need, the costs involved in relocating to Moscow and being out of work throughout the time of surgery and recovery.


Lilya has no spare income, no savings and struggled to make ends meet. Love Russia was able to bless them with £2000 from our emergency fund.