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We hope you have enjoyed our series of blogs about the crisis centre over the past two months.We were so affected by the heart-wrenching stories we heard on our visit there in February we felt it was only right to share some of those with you. Arriving at the crisis centre is a huge step in the lives of these women. It is the start of a challenging journey working through years of abuse, neglect, low self-esteem and addiction. Most stay for a few years before successfully reintegrating with the ‘outside world’ again. The centre relies on Love Russia, residents’ incomes and small local donations. Due to coronavirus, residents’ work and incomes have totally stopped so they are relying on us mo

Crisis Centre Sponsorship: Maria's Story

One of the mums we met on our visit to the crisis centre was Maria. She shared just how much her life has been transformed through the centre’s work even after only a few months of living there… "My name is Maria, I am 29 years old. I come from Ukraine. For 3 years, I drank every day while working and raising my two young children alone. I tried to stop, but it only ever lasted two or three days at a time. I was addicted. I was living in Ukraine and war was going on around me. It was frightening; I did not want to be there. At first my drinking was harmless but it escalated and soon my children were taken from me and put in an orphanage. One day I passed some elderly women in the stree

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