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Love Russia supports over 50 students from impoverished backgrounds to help them complete their education.


This support includes three programmes; one at a teacher training college, one sponsoring English lessons for children with disabilities and one running life-skills sessions at a college for the orphans living on site.

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Completing education can be a challenge when you come from a vulnerable background. Not having enough money to survive can mean dropping out of education prematurely.

Orphans, many of whom have learning difficulties,  need additional education which is not part of the mainstream curriculum. They need help to prepare themselves for independent living and learn life skills that most of us pick up from having a family.



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Love Russia works in partnership with mentors who visit vulnerable orphans and share with them what to expect when they will suddenly have to fend for themselves. Having spent most or all of their childhoods in an institution, they don't know what to expect once they've aged out of the orphanage system.

By partnering with people already working in education we can identify the most needy. For example; students who have no family support or don't have stable accommodation arrangements. Others simply don't have the finances to eat enough or afford the bus fare to college. All these factors put them at risk of being forced to stop their education which can perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

Donations for our education support projects will help fund the life skills seminars held for orphans as well as the individual bursaries given to teenage students in poverty.


Sergei is 16 and an orphan. He receives a Love Russia bursary to help him complete his education.

Sergei lived with his alcoholic auntie; she was 'on paper' his guardian but didn’t provide him financially and kicked him out because she didn't want to support him.

He arrived at college unconfident, downtrodden and worried about his personal circumstances. His mentor made every effort to find him accommodation and support him emotionally. Now he has his own flat and is studying well. He looks confident and feels more secure thanks to the support he receives.

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