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Father’s Day – marketing fad or 'Thank You Dad'?

Whether we choose to celebrate Father's Day or aim to cherish them all year round, it does remind us to acknowledge and be grateful for those special dads or father figures who were there for us every day while we grew into adults - influencing, guiding and shaping the people we became.

Orphanage leavers depend on their Mentors in exactly the same way and we at Love Russia are immensely thankful to each of the Mentors who act as father figures to as many as 50 young people at a time. Working alongside these wonderful people we see just how much the young people look up to and rely on these Christian adults who even though they have children of their own are willing to cast their family nets as wide as humanly possible in order to be fathers to the fatherless.

This Father’s Day, please pray for Yan, Mr K, Slava, Ruslan, Yuri, Max and Sergei who give their time everyday caring for others.

If you’d like to READ MORE > about the role Mentors have in an orphans life, or give a gift towards the work all our Mentors do, please DONATE HERE >

Our current appeal is to raise funds to set up a Transition Home in St Petersburg where Yan (left of image), and his wife Nadya, will oversee and disciple the vulnerable young people needing shelter here. If you’d like to give a gift specifically for this cause please

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