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Room at the Inn!

A husband and wife team of Love Russia Mentors first began visiting orphaned and abandoned children at local orphanages around 12 years ago. They often develop bonds with many of the orphans and on occasion, there would be one who would hold a special place in their hearts. One such person was 5 year old called Shura whom they remember telling regularly; “God loves you and we love you too”. After a time, Shura was placed in an orphanage ‘family’ group, but sadly it wasn’t one of the groups our Mentors were able to have much contact with.

Many years passed and they never forgot or stopped praying for Shura. In 2015 our Mentors were delighted to have the opportunity to invite Shura, then age 16, to their place for dinner. She was due to leave the orphanage and told them of her plans to go to a different city to study and all seemed well. Recently, they, with their daughter, 'accidentally' bumped into Shura (now 17 years old), although clearly this chance meeting was orchestrated by God! At this time, they learned that her plans to leave Ryazan and study elsewhere had fallen through. They were saddened to discover that out of desperation and having nowhere else to go, Shura, together with her friend Zarina from the same orphanage, were staying in a nearby 1 room flat. It was run-down, infested with cockroaches and the rent that they were finding impossible to pay was way beyond their means.

Amazingly 'by chance', there were two free beds that had just come available in a girls’ Transition Home which they were was able to offer the pair straight away! Within days it has been arranged. Soon after they began to study the Bible with them and are now their go-to friends as they learn to adapt to life outside the orphanage. So proud of their new home they immediately got stuck into the cleaning!

As a naturally talented artist, Shura has bonded with her Mentors daughter who also wants to learn to draw. So pleased to welcome another young person into their extended family they said -"We can’t wait to see this ‘big sister’ relationship develop!”.

Transition Homes, used for emergency shelter and short term accommodation, are vital. Preventing homelessness for many orphanage leavers during what is an extremely vulnerable time after leaving an institution.

Our current appeal is to raise enough funds for a NEW Transition Home.

If you'd like to know more about the appeal or donate, click here >

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