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From 'Haunted Looking Boy' to 'Young Man with Hope'

As a young child, Vadim (name changed) was abandoned by his parents and left in an orphanage. We don't know why, he may not know either. He was later adopted. Sadly, the people who offered him the chance of a new family decided they also didn't want him. Abandoned for a second time, he was returned to the orphanage. These experiences will have damaged Vadim leaving him with complex psychological and emotional baggage and instilling feelings of "I am not important and I am not of value".

At age 18 there was no longer provision for his care at either an orphanage or college institution and like so many orphanage leavers, he headed for the 'glamour' of Moscow. With nowhere to live, the little money he had soon vanished and he was homeless. Still in touch with friends from the orphanage, he heard through one of them about someone who could help. A Love Russia Mentor - he gave him a call and they arranged to meet.

Our Mentor was shocked at the boy who stood before him. Describing him as 'wild' he literally had nothing other than a phone with no credit and the clothes in which he stood.

Within 2 months, Vadim had a place to sleep and was receiving a small wage through helping out at the church community centre. He was taken for a haircut, taken shopping for a new set of clothes and introduced to showers! His Mentor took a 6 hour drive to make contact with Vadim's old orphanage to try and sort out his identity documents. Without them, he didn't exist. Because of reaching out to the orphanage they discovered that a flat, although remote, was available and Vadim could use it! The flat is in a terrible state and a long way from anywhere familiar but he is grateful and keen to make it home once it is liveable.

Until then, Vadim has the safety and security of a Transition Home. Under the supervision of Mentors, Vadim is making amazing progress.

It was humbling getting to know Vadim on our recent visit, seeing his confidence increase by the day. From an abandoned orphan boy living on the streets of Moscow, he now has 3 or more role-models in his life. He looks up to them, and because of this he has aspirations about his future.

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