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Meet new Mentor Alina

One of our goals for the next few years is to add to our team of Mentors in Russia. We find that the best way to support orphanage leavers is through Mentor support – having that one to one care and attention makes such a huge difference to the lives of those who have been rejected by their birth parents and grown up having to share a carer with many other children.

We see time and time again that orphanage leavers with Mentor support are able to learn to live independently and make positive life decisions much more than those without this support. The journey to this point is often bumpy but knowing that even when they make mistakes, their Mentor will still be there for them is a huge witness and life lesson for orphanage leavers.

So the newest member of our Mentor team is Alina who will be working with young orphan mums. Alina is a working mum to two young boys so she is a great role model for these young mums. She is married to another LR Mentor and after watching the work he does with orphanage leavers she wanted to do something herself. She and her husband work hard to provide for their family but have such a heart for orphans that they choose to give up much of their free time to care for vulnerable orphanage leavers.

Alina meets up with young orphan mums one to one to find out their needs and how best she can support them – whether that be helping them fill out a form, giving parenting advice, babysitting to enable them to go to job interviews or championing them in legal matters. She also runs regular group Bible studies to teach the mums that they are loved and valued!

All this in her spare time from working and mothering!

Alina’s commitment to needy mums has inspired our own Office Administrator, Sarah, to set up a parenting support group in her area as this week she leaves us to go on maternity leave! Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs in the world – no matter your situation, but being a mum with no experience of having your own mum is extremely challenging.

Please pray for Alina as the road ahead for these mums will be full of challenges and she will need to be filled with grace and patience!

If you would like to give to Alina’s (or any other Mentor’s) work, please click here.

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