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Nothing changes if nothing changes

Change is scary and change can be difficult. When you have had no stability in your life, clinging onto anything that is stable, even if it is harmful can become easier than moving on. Sometimes familiar routines, no matter how negative can become relatively comfortable or at least can seem easier than the initial pain and anxiety of changing.

One of my favourite phrases is ‘Nothing changes if nothing changes’. This is something our Mentors have to take the time to explain to the young people – if there is something about their life they are unhappy with, the only way that will change is if they do something about it! This can be difficult – it can sometimes involve leaving unhealthy relationships or stopping a behaviour that makes you feel temporarily good and that is addictive – but normally it leads to massive long term advantages. If Mentors can convince the young people that the initial pain is far outweighed by the benefits they will reap over the rest of their life they can begin supporting them to change.

So, the next time you are facing a life change and are finding it difficult, hold our young people in your thoughts and prayers and remember the massive changes they may be undertaking as they focus on their long term goals. Also, pray for our Mentors as they support the young people through these transitions. Change is hard, but remember it leads to change!

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