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Meet Lena and Vera

Life is hard enough for for orphanage leavers even when things are going relatively well… But when real challenges arise, support from a mentor is essential. Meet Lena and Vera...

LENA Lena is 26 years old. Others this age have completed university, found homes and begun careers. In comparison, Lena is still child-like in her development which is common among orphanage leavers at this age. Lena is an adorable and loving young person. Despite the difficulties she's faced, being branded disabled and abandoned as a child, she is cheerful and enthusiastic. She is also very grateful to have Yan and Nadya as her friends and mentors who have helped her at every step since leaving her orphanage. Earlier this year Lena decided to get baptised. Currently she has a job as a hospital porter but how long she can continue only time will tell... Recently Lena received some devastating news. Her already failing eyesight is getting progressively worse and she has been told she will eventually lose her sight altogether.

VERA A few months ago Vera had a fall and banged her head. The emergency department deemed

her fine and discharged her without tests. Since then she has become so sick with regular episodes of severe nausea and shaking and been admitted to hospital three times.

Thankfully, she has a supportive group of young people around her that she met through Yan and Nadya, and they have been caring for her while she is ill. Yan and Nadya are concerned that this current illness might be linked to an assault Vera experienced around a year ago...

Vera grew up in an orphanage. As an orphanage leaver she was in real danger of becoming homeless. An ex-carer offered Vera a bed in her home which she accepted gratefully. What at first appeared to be a kind offer, turned out to be the complete opposite.

The carer took advantage of Vera. She stole what little money she had, forced her to clean the house and babysit her children and prevented her from studying or finding work. One year ago Vera called Nadya in tears saying that the carer had assaulted her and hit her head.

With Nadya’s support Vera found the courage to leave but she is still suffering the effects of her head injury. She has missed a lot of school as she is too weak and when she did manage to get to class she ended up fainting. This summer she hoped to be baptised with several of Yan and Nadya’s other young people but was too ill to join them. Medical staff have so far repeatedly discharged Vera without any proper investigative work. We're hoping to support with some finances to find a doctor who will find a proper diagnosis and treatment for her illness.Vera is a quiet, shy girl who doesn’t say much. Whether this is her natural character or the effect of abandonment and abuse, we cannot be certain, but we pray that she will continue communicating and opening up to Yan and Nadya who desperately want to help.

Imagine being sick like Vera with no-one to care for you... or like Lena, losing your sight with no support. Having mentors like Yan and Nadya makes such a difference to vulnerable young people with no parents.

Please join us in praying for both Vera and Lena. that they will not be anxious, that their health might improve and that through it all they have all the love and support they need.

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