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Naive and open to danger

For children brought up in orphanages, having those sensitive conversations that serve to protect them such as; Where do babies come from? What is contraception? What is a 'safe' relationship? Why is pornography unhealthy? What is addiction? and who can I trust.... are ignored or avoided. Having never had a safe space to ask the questions, orphans are left naive and open to danger. Giving orphans the opportunity to discuss awkward questions, where they will not be judged, is something we are passionate about providing. So, in March 2020, we will be hosting a weekend away for our orphan youth assisted by some of our mentors. At this Christian Youth weekend they will be encouraged to think about their choices and making good decisions. They will have space to be listened to, ask questions and be challenged by Christian leaders who they know and respect through talks and open discussion. Sensitive issues are admittedly not easy to talk about, but sadly, Russian culture has a tendency to ignore them completely. In addition to all this... we plan to make it a fun time of fellowship, games and enjoying meals together!

It is going to cost £75 for each young person and will cover their accommodation, food and transport. Would you be willing and able to pay for one of them to attend? Or contribute to part of this? This is such an important opportunity to connect with vulnerable orphaned young people on matters that affect them in today's world. It would be amazing if you can help us get as many there as possible!

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