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Support for the vulnerable is needed more than ever

Our mentors care for some of the most mentally traumatised, emotionally challenged and impoverished young people and adults…

As the world slows down, economies are impacted and this vital human contact for our vulnerable orphans and adults is under threat their needs will only increase. With global restrictions on travel to halt the spread of coronavirus in place, it’s anyone’s guess when we will next be able to see the people and projects we support in person. Homes in Russia are very different. Most do not have any outside space at all and will be confined to a room or two in tower block accommodation.

Here’s a short summary of the people we support…

Vulnerable orphan mums and their children needing emotional and financial back-up from their mentor and ourselves. We bring them clothes for their children and bless them financially on a monthly basis.

Disabled young adults and people with learning difficulties; loved and nurtured daily at a centre we support in Moscow. They learn skills there and exceed the expectations of a society that has labelled them as non-achievers.

A crisis centre that overflows with vulnerable women and children all fighting to rebuild their lives after a wide array of trauma. They are battling addiction, abuse, abandonment and poverty. This loving environment and community provide the support they need to get their lives back on track.

Orphanage leavers coping with independent living; a responsibility they are very unprepared for. Mentors shepherd them and nurture them so they don’t fall prey to the statistics that see 90% of them succumb to crime, addictions, homelessness and even suicide.

Orphan teens living in shared institution dormitories where they have little guidance about how to handle their futures. We provide life skills and relationship to the outside world in the hope that they will be prepared.

How you can help

  • Pray they still have the means to continue supporting each other through this crisis over the phone.

  • Pray that we can still reach them regularly with the aid they need so these project do not collapse.

  • Pray for good hygiene among orphans who struggle with this anyway and also the crisis centres and dormitories where large numbers live in close confines.

Please consider donating to support these projects. Even in global pandemics, when vulnerable individuals cannot survive without established support programmes, the work must go on. In fact, in times like this, the vulnerable are likely to need considerably more support as they lose jobs, face health crises, battle emotional turmoil while being unable to afford buying a week’s worth of groceries.

While we are all stuck in our comfortable houses, could you consider supporting those less fortunate who will be battling this virus from homeless shelters, one-roomed flats that house whole families, and emergency crisis accommodation and from incomes that mean they cannot in one go?

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