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We are so grateful for you 💛

On behalf of all those we work with in Russia, thank you to those who responded so generously to our ‘coronavirus response fund’ email and social media posts! Research had suggested that international charities would see a hit in income very early on as people naturally looked towards supporting those in closer proximity to where they live. At the same time as seeing reports like this, we were also hearing from our Mentors in Russia that the economic impact of the virus was devastating the lives of the vulnerable so we knew that we desperately needed to maintain our income. Thanks to your generosity we have been able to maintain support to ALL our projects in Russia and have also been able to bless many with extra emergency funding including the following:

  • A freezer for the crisis centre to cope with the increased number of residents eating at the centre during this time ❄️

  • Emergency funding to cover the crisis centre's drop in income 💸

  • A life altering course of medication for someone in recovery from a drug addiction 💊

  • A blessing towards replacing a dangerous heating system, essential in such a cold climate, for two vulnerable orphanage leavers with a small baby 👪

These gifts were all made on top of our usual project funding.

We would not have been able to pass on these extra blessings without your support so THANK YOU! While we are celebrating and praising God, we are continuing to pray that our income will continue to be maintained so we can continue responding to these extra needs on top of our usual projects.

We anticipate that new needs will increasingly emerge as the long term impact of this pandemic is felt. Please click HERE to head to the donate page of our website.

Thank you so much for your continued encouragement of our work. We would really appreciate your continued prayers as we navigate the next few months.

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