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Exploited and unprepared for independence; meet Sergey

Sergey is 22 years old but has the developmental age of around 10. Love Russia mentor, Nadya, told us of his challenges, how vulnerable he is and that, due to his severe mental delay, independence is something he is nowhere near ready for. Like most of Yan and Nadya's group, Sergey was brought up in an orphanage. It is unclear why he was placed there…but typically it's because of one of the following; his parents lived in poverty, were addicts, orphans themselves or they were in prison. Highly likely too, is that they saw his disability at birth and rejected him or were advised to give him up.

When he aged out of the orphanage system at 16, one of the carers said he could come and live with them. This seemingly kind offer turned out to be a plan to exploit him. His abuser controlled him and stole all the benefits Sergey was entitled to as an orphan with disabilities. He was kept inside and spent most of his days sat in a corner alone. One day Sergey reached out to some people he knew from back at the orphanage, Yura and Nina. They are both members of Yan and Nadya's orphan support programme. Sergey begged them to rescue him. They came up with a plan to pick Sergey up during one of his visits to the job centre where he had to go to claim his state pension... the state pension his carer (and abuser) would have been eagerly waiting to take from him. Yura and Nina helped their friend and took Sergey back to Yura's small flat. Sergey's abuser then called the police, claiming that Yura and Nina had kidnapped Sergey when they were simply rescuing their friend. Because of Sergey's mental delay, it was too much responsibility for Yura to continue having Sergey live with him. He ended up exhausted from the constant care Sergey needed. At the moment, Sergey lives in his own government flat but struggles to leave without support from mentors Yan and Nadya. Life is still really challenging for him. However, his friendships from Yan and Nadya's support group have given him the ability to connect and he has even joined in with group days out and retreats where their young people have fun socially and God's word is shared.

A day out with Yan & Nadya… Sergey (bottom right) Yura (bottom left) Nina (middle)

Yan and Nadya are concerned about Sergey and his inability to look after himself. They have investigated how they can find more specialist care for him and have found a community facility where adults with learning difficulties can live together. Due to the pandemic, visiting the facility was cancelled and is not an option just yet. Sadly, due to his learning difficulties, Sergey is very easily influenced and has recently become involved with a friend who is encouraging him to drink. Yan and Nadya will not give up on him. Please pray that Sergey will understand the unconditional love they have for him and that with help, a better life is possible. Please continue to financially support Yan and Nadya’s ministry as they support and encourage vulnerable young people like Sergey.

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