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30 People Need 'Prayer and a Pound'

In a nod toward our 'Pound Appeals' of the past, we are bringing it back!

We've asked for physical gifts in years gone by; vests, pants, toothbrushes etc... This time it's prayer!

We'd like to encourage you to support someone specific, commit to praying for them regularly and contribute some pounds towards the projects they rely on. Each person is either an orphan mum from one of our support groups or is a resident at one of the crisis centres.

We commit to around £36 each month for each person, but the amount you give is entirely up to you. The pounds contributed will go to them directly to help them support their children, or indirectly through the resources available to them at the crisis centres that give them refuge.

Once you've chosen who you'd like to pray for and an amount of support, we'll send you information about them, including their real name, to help you pray for their circumstances.

These are all vulnerable people from backgrounds filled with trauma. For them, stability and self-care do not come easily.

Knowing someone cares makes a difference!


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