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A Miracle of Mercy

For those released from prison in Russia, there is little or no support. Where is a person supposed to go with no money, no one waiting for them, and nowhere to live?

Emil found himself in this situation. A life of poverty and addiction had led to drug-related charges. Diagnoses of HIV and tuberculosis meant he'd struggle to work, even in the unlikely event someone would employ an ex-convict. His future looked bleak.

On release, Emil headed to a railway station for shelter and wondered how he could change his situation. He was desperate and committing a petty crime would mean arrest and prison where he'd find shelter, food and a change of clothes. He was close to making this choice.

A phone call changed his life.

At the train station, a random business card caught Emil’s eye advertising the “House of Mercy; a place of shelter and hope”. Emil managed to persuade a passer-by to let him use their phone to call te number on the card. Genya, who runs this crisis centre for men, picked up and after a short conversation, he set off to pick up Emil.

Emil is now at the Men’s Crisis Centre with people who listen and care about his welfare, and with Genya’s help, he is working towards small achievable goals that will lead to independence. As part of the daily programme of recovery he will also hear about God …. we pray that the transforming power of the Gospel will begin to work in his life.

The Men’s Crisis Centre

This life-saving place relies on us for a substantial part of its running costs. Please consider a donation so that others who’ve lost hope and are homeless like Emil, can find refuge, build a new future for themselves and meet Jesus.

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