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A new family helped by our support group

Sofya is an orphan mum who has recently joined Alina Z’s support group.

Sofya's mum was an alcoholic and her dad died so she was placed in an institution for the disabled. It appeared as though she had learning difficulties when actually her poor speech was a result of being malnourished.

She’s another example of how Love Russia has been there for a person at various points throughout their life.

  • At Yelatma orphanage she would have experienced our summer camps.

  • When it was decided her development was normal, she was moved to Ribnoe orphanage where our current partners still visit and take the children on outings.

  • She was then placed at Poshipovo College.

  • In her teens, Love Russia helped Sofya with Genesis support whilst she finished college.

  • Sofya even lived in one of our transition homes!

Love Russia has had a lot do with all the institutions Sofya grew up in so we’ve a very good idea how difficult and lacking her younger years were.

Alina Z, who Sofya has reached out to for help, has known her since her early years too.

Now, Sofya is married and has a young baby boy. Like most orphans, adulthood is a continued uphill struggle. Both she and her husband work, but still their combined income is not enough for the whole family… “everything goes on food, diapers, clothes and all kinds of purchases for the child. We rent an apartment and try to maintain a car that constantly breaks down and we need things for the home.”

Alina knows that a little extra help in the form of a bursary will go a long way towards helping this family – that the worry of being able to provide for their baby will be lifted.

Thank you for making it possible for us to respond to families experiencing poverty.

If you would like to help towards bursary support for families like Sofya’s you can read more about it and donate using the link below.


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