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Abandoned aged 13

Teenage girl made homeless

Teenagers like Anushka are desperate for a place like Legacy Lodge.

At just 13 years old, she should be at home with her mum feeling secure and being raised to know she is valued... being taught that she has a life full of possibilities to look forward to.

Instead, she is currently receiving refuge at the Women’s Crisis Centre.

Anushka is another one of Dasha’s young people at the youth group she runs, whose home life is far from perfect. Anushka’s mum is a parent whose addiction to alcohol is so strong that her daughter's needs cannot come before her need to drink. She loves her daughter, but the all-consuming nature of addiction means that she cannot show it.

A place like Legacy Lodge is needed for young teenagers such as Anushka who are in need of nurture (that they cannot get at home), and she is at an age when it’s not too late to teach her how precious and wanted she is.

Ideally, her mum will decide that she wants to fight her addiction. In the meantime, please help us continue raising the funds needed to complete Legacy Lodge so they can provide emergency accommodation.


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