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Alone and in Debt

Alexei is an orphan. He has been known to Slava (one of our mentors) for some time through regular visits to a college where many orphans live on site. He has learning disabilities. Alexei is no longer under the state's care so now lives alone in a small bedsit that historically belonged to the family he never knew. As a toddler, he was placed in an orphanage because his mother was an alcoholic.

His bedsit is primitively furnished and dark because the utilities have been disconnected. Alexei has been left with an unpaid electricity bill he cannot pay. Since Alexei’s state support amounts to just £76 per month there is no way he can afford to pay even a little of the outstanding £175 debt. His income goes nowhere, so buying himself clothes, shoes or a bus fare is out of the question. For someone like Alexei, who finds simple sums difficult, his budgeting problems are increased.

Slava is setting him small achievable goals, teaching him how to budget the small amount he has, and finding him odd jobs like vacuuming for a little extra income. Having never cared for himself he didn’t know what cleaning was.

Being an orphan, Alexei is not used to being alone having spent his entire life surrounded by others in orphanages and at college. Alexei has heard about the transition homes run by Slava and wants to live in one. This is a good option for Alexei as he will be able to ease into independent living and learn from others who've been there. There's also a support group ready to welcome him where he'll meet others who've accomplished independent living already - we pray this will all come together.

For Alexei, and others our partners nurture towards an independent life, the 31% rise in food costs is going to take its toll on their already overstretched budgets and they will need help. If you are able, please contribute to our Hardship Fund so we can bless them.

Without support from a mentor like Slava, the outcomes for young men like him are bleak and often lead to addictions, prison and suicide so please keep him in your prayers.


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