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An Honest And Open Update…

…Well, as honest and open as we can safely be about our partners, their projects and life in Russia. There is so much we wish we could share, but in recent days being open has become increasingly risky. It’s been very frustrating to feel we are holding back when we write, but as Christians, we believe in respecting the laws of the land, both in the UK and in Russia and just as important; safeguarding our partners. We know that breaking those rules comes with severe consequences, for us as an organization but most importantly for them. This significantly crushes our ability to speak freely and openly and makes fundraising extremely hard. However, right now the result of breaking those laws could mean that our partners could be detained and their families’ safety threatened if we make any wrong moves.

This time of increased risk comes alongside recent headlines about the evolving situation in Eastern Europe. We felt it was right to put out a statement to our supporters and members of the public, even though we are restricted on what we can safely share. Typically, we’d try to make the tone of public statements positive and uplifting, but right now it feels like as an organization we could be entering a bleak Winter season.

While fundraising is still an essential priority of our organization, an equally urgent and effective resource we have is prayer. This time is the scariest and most challenging season that many of our Russian friends have ever experienced. Despite the security risks preventing us from divulging the full reason, we urge you to prioritize and encourage prayer for our Russian brothers and sisters and for those in their community.

They need the kind of hope and peace only God can give more than ever.

Thank you for all your support at this time of crisis. We greatly appreciate each and every one of you.


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