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Anna's life has gone from HORROR to HOPE!

We wrote to you some time ago when Anna fled to the WCC after a beating from her husband. She escaped while heavily pregnant and with two young children in tow. Timur, her oldest, was an extremely frightened little boy as he too had been on the receiving end of his father's fists. You may remember a video she shared with us a couple of months ago where she talks about this WATCH VIDEO.

It's stories like Anna's that confirm how valuable it is that we support the Women's Crisis Centre where she arrived scared for her family's lives in August 2020.

In the early days of her stay, her husband would turn up at the WCC, threatening and insistent she should return. Just knowing he was there caused her to shake with fear. Family members also tried to persuade her to go back, to 'endure it for the sake of the children'... adding that 'they too had endured', highlighting the depth of the problem of abuse in Russia.

This was two years ago, and a lot has changed!

Recently, Anna received the good news that she won her legal battle, secured a divorce and has full custody of the children. The courts have ordered him to pay around £200pcm** to support the children. This is a BIG win in Russia. She is free.

Since then, Anna has been a real encouragement to others, helping them to stand up to their abusers and advocating the importance of not doing it alone.

She could not have done this without the support of Alina and the WCC. Today, she is raising awareness that escape is possible, going against the grain of a society that too often places family above a person’s safety. Anna has shown remarkable strength of character, may many more find the peace she now has.

**The finances mentioned in this blog are based on exchange rates of 1GBP = 80 RUB (correct at time of writing - 2nd June 2022)


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